Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Welcome Water

                                 Local press photograph



A glorious wet winter
Put an end to 'endless' drought;
After ten years of dry weather.
Rain was welcome without doubt.
Lake Ayre is full of birdsong,
Where once was only sand,
And colourful desert blossoms
Embroider all the land.
Here, in our coastal city,
We're rarely short of rain,
But even we were happy
When La Nina came again.
El Nino is the Christ Child
Who brings drought at Christmas Time;
La Nina is the girl child
And her rains are quite sublime.
When we are dry South America
Rejoices in the rain;
When we are wet South America
Feels dry weather pain.
It's all to do with the ocean,
Or that's what I've been told;
Sometimes it is warmer,
And sometimes it is cold.
Whatever may be the reason,
These children don't much care
What magic brought the rain to us!
So long as they get their share!


I wrote this as song to sing with a guitarist friend.
(I've never been to Spain!)
When you play your guitar,
I visit castles in Spain.
I see the walls reaching high
To the blue of the sky.
I'm back there again.
I walk the streets of Madrid
And make a wish on a star.
I feel the joy I once did,
When you play your guitar.

When you play your guitar,
I sit in courtyards at night.
I feel the warm, scented air
As it ruffles my hair
And I thrill with delight.
I place a glass to my lips
And I drink sangria.
I'm there in Spain once again
When you play your guitar.

When you play your guitar,
I see mantillas of lace.
I feel the spell of romance
And I still seem to dance
With beauty and grace.
Though it's so long ago,
It seems it's not very far.
My heart will sing 'Bolero'
When you play your guitar,

When you play your guitar
I see the face I adored
And then I suddenly find
I taste in my mind
The wine he once poured.
I smell the scents of the night
Through attic windows ajar.
His arms are holding me tight
When you play your guitar.

When you play your guitar
I wear an old Spanish shawl,
And then the soft summer breeze
That wafts through the trees
Can't chill me at all.
The blossoms fall on my hair
Like scented rain from afar
And every song seems a prayer
When you play your guitar.

So please play your guitar,
And let the music revive
All the songs that were sung
When the world was still young
And so much alive.
Let me be, once again,
Where happy memories are!
Transport me back there to Spain
With your magic guitar.


Joanne Olivieri said...

First, your poetry is wonderful. The rhythm and rhyme/ebb and flow are excellent. Great shots as well.

Jim said...

Good watery shot.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Reader Wil said...

Great poetry! I enjoyed reading both your poems! Your photos are really excellent.
Talking about the weather I 've just heard on the news that the temperature in the Netherlands has got warmer by 0,5 degree and the weather has become a lot wetter too. We cannot go on a walk without an umbrella anymore.

Janis said...

Your watery shot took me back to my childhood. What fun to splash in the puddles. Love your poems, your very talanted.

Judy said...

Where there are kids on bikes and puddles, you will find them together! They look like they are having so much fun!