Saturday, November 20, 2010



If I were to find my own island,
I'd write on a board 'This is my land!'
But the locals might shout
'You've got to move out!
This Island is now part of Thailand!'
See my blog of 11/1/10 to learn more about this alphabetical meme.


And an old one for good measure.


'Let's meet for lunch in Auckland!' the invitation read.
'We know the perfect place right by the sea.
The sand is golden yellow and the mountains lie ahead
And the view is always glorious to see!'
Well, of course, we were excited; it all seemed so ideal,
And our cameras were held there at the ready,
But it sheeted down with rain throughout the full length of the meal
And the rain was deluge-type and very steady!
We couldn't see a mountain! We could hardy see the beach!
There was not a single soul; it was deserted.
And the water was depressing though, quite true, it was in reach,
And the mud squelched up in rivulets and spurted!
But we had a lovely luncheon and the conversation flowed,
As we talked of times we'll never be forgetting.
And it didn't really matter if it stormed or if it snowed!
True Friendship doesn't need a perfect setting.


Yesterday we walked through the park adjacent to our house to meet friends. The roses were so lovely I just had to 'shoot' one. I love the crimped petals.
Here is Malcolm with John. 
And here am I with Patricia. They had journeyed from Casino to pick up a statue a friend had carved for them. They have a beautiful garden so I'm sure it will be set-off well. We both enjoyed lovely prawn wraps with pumpkin chips. 


Annie Jeffries said...

Hi Brenda. I just love read about get togethers and seeing happy pictures of friend together. When everyone else is running away when the family albums come out, I'm right there looking. This is the sort of feeling I got from this post.

Anonymous said...

Ah, you're just coming into summer while we expect 8" of snow tonight. I'm jealous. Enjoyed your poems as usual.

Margaret Gosden said...

I love the rose with the crimped petals!

Vinay Leo R. said...

island of Thailand? :D search for an island in far away from countries.. u can make a country, Rinklia :) what say, BB? :D

Anonymous said...

Your island poem actually reminded e of this TV series called "Lost"!! It kinda had a similar theme to it (well, almost)...but it took you 5 lines to say that... and them, 5 seasons!! Talk about brevity.. :)

The second poem was really very sweet and true! No setting is ever required for friendship.. Friendship is the best setting ever!