Saturday, November 6, 2010

Indigenous Art

                                 From the Local Press


Value...... a variable word.
For decades Aboriginal art was valueless.
It was stumbled across by intrepid travellers
Who deemed it worthless,
And inconsequential.
Then it was discovered!
Now it fetches millions
In trumped-up Art Galleries worldwide!
It is copied.
But no forger can ever imbue the art
With stories,
Family references,
A feeling of 'place'.
No copy 'sings'.
It belongs to the Aborigines.
I hope


(An Acrostic)
Reverie gives rise to dreams.
Each one a little light, it seems,
All one's fantasies are lit
Lovingly by the power of it.
Instinctively we know the truth
That daydreams are a part of youth.
Yet still, in age, the candles burn.
Reality! Just take your turn!


nancy said...

Very unusual art.. Love the colors.

Margaret Gosden said...

Which are we looking at, I wonder, in the illustration?
I like how you describe the difference though, as with all art, there is the original and the copied and the reproductions. Hopefully, by now, aboriginal art can be found in museums for appreciation and study, away from such exploitations such as you describe.
I confess to ignorance on a subject of interest.

Jama said...

I love that beautiful blue painting.

"Lillagul" said...

Just great blue colors in that blue painting !