Wednesday, November 24, 2010



There once was a pretty flamingo
Who pretended that he was a dingo
He looked the right shape
But one couldn't escape
From the fact that he failed at the lingo!
See my blog 11/1/10 to learn more about this alphabetical meme.


And an old one for good measure


A photograph that's blurred and old, from many years a ago.
My cousin sent it recently and it's new to me, although
I knew about the circumstance that caused this little shot,
And it brought to mind a time long gone that I nearly forgot.
I think the early 'sixties'..... yes, that could be the date;
I have to cast my mind back and try to contemplate.
In letters sent to Africa I heard of such a jaunt;
My parents and relations in a favourite forest haunt.
They all loved the New Forest; a lovely spot, it's true,
And they all enjoyed playing Scrabble, so they combined the two.
They used to set-up wind-breaks and light a picnic fire
And sit, playing Scrabble or reading, as the smoke grew ever higher.
Surrounded by gigantic trees and sheltered from the breeze,
They drank their very British tea and sat back at their ease.
Such a nostalgic photograph! Such happy times to share.
Thanks for sending it, Richard. I wish that I'd been there.

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Vinay Leo R. said...

yeah.. flamingo couldn't speak dingo! :D