Friday, November 19, 2010


I once knew a strange man called Sam,
Who had an addiction to jam.
He would not be denied!
He took jam for a ride
And he smeared it all over the tram!
And here's another from a great friend!

by Trevor Tucker

An intrepid young lady named Bligh
Liked to jump from impossibly high.
Her friends said slipped discs
Were the least of her risks -
But she claimed she was learning to fly!
See my blog of 11/1/10 to learn more about this alphabetical meme.


And an old one for good measure.

Once it raced with joy and zest,
Certain that it was the best,
Gleaming with a paint so brilliant;
Always speedy and resilient.
Once the driver stroked its bonnet
With its emblem shining on it.
Once he used to say 'Old girl!
Shall we give your wheels a whirl?'
Once the passers-by would stare
When the two of them took the air.
The driver called his motor 'Sally';
Entered her in every rally.
Chatted to her as he drove
All the way from Bath to Hove!
Spent his Sundays on his back
Tending her with wrench and jack.
Read whole magazines about her!
Felt he couldn't live without her.
But, of course, my friends, he could!
Such is life! That's understood.
'Sally' felt it in her bones
When she heard impatient tones.
Not the blandishments of yore
But terms that shook her to the core;
'Where, I ask you, is your status,
A car with old-time indicators?
Sally, haven't you realised....
Engines are computerised!'
Once he even kicked her wheel!
She really needed nerves of steel.
Once, when he was very drunk
He labelled her a bit of junk!
Finally, came the very last straw;
Looking along the drive she saw
'Kylie' a brand new shiny racer
Brought in, she knew, just to disgrace her.
The garage couldn't fit in two,
So she slept outside in the rain and dew.
Slowly she deteriorated;
She neither beeped nor indicated.
She attracted smears and dust
But, most of all, she turned to rust.
But do I spy a touch of greenery
Creeping in to join the scenery?
Could it be that she will soften
And that bugs will visit often?
Maybe plants will climb and clamber;
Flowers of yellow, red and amber.
Maybe all we soon will see
Is a rather odd-ball tree.
And birds will trill across the valley
'Let us go and nest in Sally!'.


Anonymous said...

I had to laugh out loud at your limerick. :0) I could use your blog as an antidepressant if I were depressed...but I'm not (thank God) so I'll just use it as an upper.

Vinay Leo R. said...

brilliant, Rinkly :) both limericks were amazing..