Thursday, November 18, 2010

This is my Dad!

(clutch, happy, delight)


Clutch, Darling! Clutch tight.
Daddy's at a great height!
Oh so happy! Great delight!
There can't be a better sight!
Clutch, Dear, with all your might!
Daddy's hand says 'You're all right.'




I went on a coach trip to the heart of New South Wales;
It was hot and it was sunny, bright and dry.
Not at all like my own homeland, with its damp and verdant dales;
And something made me glance up at the sky.
There, a message in a boomerang said 'Yes, we come, we go.
But a heart will keep returning either way.
It will fly to England frequently, that you already know,
But Australia is where your heart will stay.


Lois Evensen said...

I especially like the first one this time. I think my son is such an excellent Dad. It makes me think of him with his son. Very nice.

Jackie said...

Oh to be the apple of your fathers eye and young again. I can remember hangin on to my dads legs like that sitting on his foot when he walked. How nice .

Your poem is uber awesome.

Thom Gabrukiewicz said...

such a delightful poem. Thanks.

Lalita Singh said...

Beautiful!! :)

Divaa Divine said...

awww this is so adorable :D

faith said...

The image with the first one really illustrates the last line.
Love the boomerang in the sky and the words it evoked.

Amity said...

so cute poem on Daddy Brenda...:-)

and your second poem, home is where the heart is...:-)

lovely... :-)

ms pie said...

a most enjoyable post... there is nothing like a daddy to a little boy... love auzzieland... i was mostly in the northwest,lovely land...