Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm a Nut!


'abrupt     kernel      wield'


I was feeling rather confident that I was up-to-date!
Really rather 'with it' though my decades number eight!
But I have just been dumped as someone really out of touch
And it pains me, yes, it pains me, it pains me very much!
When I saw that old word 'kernel' I thought, no ifs or buts,
I'll write some little verses on the beauty of some nuts!
I was just about to launch myself on a harmless little ditty
About a grove of nut trees; it was going to be quite pretty.
So, according to my normal way, I Googled illustrations;
Not expecting any other little complications!
My comeuppance was abrupt, I fear, for no nuts did I see,
Just rows and rows of diagrams of great complexity!
The 'kernel' of computing links the different kinds of 'wares',
The 'software' and the 'hardware'! And I'd been unawares!
'The lowest level abstraction-layer' ........ now I'm sounding clever!
The knowledge gleaned from Google! Will it go on for ever?
Now how to wield my new-found power with the general population?
How can I drop this 'kernel' stuff into general conversation?
Let's hope someone offers me a nut! I'll say, just off the cuff,
'Does this nut have a kernel made of out-of-date old stuff?
I'm only used to the modern kind, the lowest-level abstraction.'
And I'll enjoy the resulting bit of human interaction!
The ladies from the Probus Club will really be impressed
And I'll be truly happy that I've got it off my chest.
They say we learn for ever! I'm living proof! Ah, but
It always helps with things like this if one starts life as a nut!


(A sad Acrostic)

No-one wants me; no-one cares!
Every night as I climb the stairs,
Ghosts from days gone by assail me,
Laughing at me as they fail me.
Everyone I loved has gone.
Children, too, have all moved on.
Thoughts of joys that used to be;
Etched upon my memory.
Daughters leave us as they grow
Even sons get up and go!
Love was such a part of life;
Desire, for husband as a wife.
Eagerly I braved each day;
Romance, would always find a way.
Still I remain, alone, bereft.
Why go on when nothing's left?


Jinksy said...

If only nuts didn't have a shelf life like the old dear in your depressing phograph! Saints preseve us! (Pickled walnuts, perhaps?)

Jae Rose said...

I am left behind with three decades under my belt! (I found your poem so touching too)..Jae

Michael Solender said...

not so nutty me thinks..

pia said...

I think life long learning is the way to stay youthful and hopefully healthy

Darlene said...

I remain amazed at your ability to write such clever poems no matter what the subject matter. I loved your 3 word poem, but found the Acrostic to be depressing. I live alone, I am an elder, my family all live in another state BUT I don't share the attitude of the sad woman in your poem. I am happy to live alone.

Thom Gabrukiewicz said...

I love your wit in this first piece. Thank you so much for sharing - and playing along. Knowledge is power.

Ramesh Sood said...

I am amazed with your writings.. but then having seen so much life I am sure with some wonderful experiences and the desire to must be happening spontaneously.. bless me by vising my page.. I look forward to the kind gesture.. I will feel honoured.. thanks..

EG CameraGirl said...

Well, I would have not known the modern meaning of kernel either! I hope I NEVER become too old to learn new things.

That WAS a very sad second poem.

eyeography said...

Nice use of the 3WW prompts...
Loved reading it... heart cried while reading the acrostic...beautifully written...
loved the rhyme in it...
a very powerful one... :)

Judy said...

Happpy 3WW and thanks for stopping by and commenting. Your use of the 3WW prompts made me laugh and I enjoyed your other poems as well. Very very nice.

Jasmin said...

Such disparate pieces, one fun and the other wistful and nostalgic, even sad. Both are well done.