Monday, November 22, 2010

Fickle Weather!


The words in blue are the first words of George MacDonald’s poem A Book of Dreams Part 111.
'A gloomy and a windy day'.

A day of gloom, a gloomy day!
I knew all days would start that way,
Now that you and I had parted
And I was left so broken-hearted!
Shadows invaded all the room;
Even my pillow was stuffed with gloom.
Spider-webs clogged up my brain;
My mouth was tasting like a drain!
Grey and brown and sludge invaded!
The air was by whispy breaths pervaded!
I couldn't think, I couldn't speak!
At thirty-one I was old and weak!
And then, and then, and rang!
Out of bed like a dart I sprang!
I rushed to the window to survey
Not a gloomy, but a windy day!
A breeze had sprung up and simply banished
All the gloom! The clouds had vanished!
White clouds scudded across the sky!
Skylarks were singing way up high!
The branches were dancing a habanera!
Everything was brighter clearer,
Including my mind which darted, tingled;
Thoughts of you with love were mingled!
Everything was wild and sweet!
There you were, coming down the street........


I'm in Yellow.


Is this Volunteering, doing a lot of good?
Would members of the audience leave if they only could?
My Probus Choir has lots of fun singing around the place,
And all our elderly listeners receive us with good grace.
I feel we look quite pleasant, and we sing in tune (I think),
But is that old chap in the corner muttering 'They stink!'
Are we doing it for our good; are we doing it for theirs?
Would they prefer to be left alone in their easy chairs?
I know I'd hate to be dragged along, if I were at their stage,
To watch a lot of 'giggling girls' performing on a stage!
If I had to sit through 'Margie' or 'Two Little Girls in Blue'
I'd leap up with my walker and who knows what I'd do!
I only know they thank us, and they always ask us back;
We get a cup of coffee and a tasty little snack.
And I do know we enjoy it; we have a lot of fun,
So maybe we don't do much harm when all is said and done.


Whitesnake said...

Well always

George S Batty said...

I love the way you always find a way to end on a high note. It is fun to drop in and read your words.

faith said...

"Even my pillow was stuffed with gloom." - Made me smile! That is some kind of sad! I like how the poem is in two parts - the parting and then the reuniting. Such a nice contrast.

Nanka said...

Love the contrasting verses, the feeling was good... rising up high from the depths :) Good one!!

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

lovely done.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

*Wide smiles* I love how you changed the gloom to a "Yaaaaaahhhhhooooo!" sort of energy. Lovely!

My shortest Carry on Tuesday poem ever.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Your second one made me laugh out loud! As someone who has also sung in a choir for seniors at a nursing home, I hear you.

But I think the line -

'I only know they thank us, and they always ask us back;
We get a cup of coffee and a tasty little snack'

- this can be measured as a raving success.