Saturday, November 27, 2010



A centipede polished his shoes
Until they reflected the views,
But he said 'What a pain!
I must start once again!
Any wonder that I've got the blues!'
See my blog of 11/1/10 to learn more about this alphabetical meme.


An old one for good measure.


A charming picture of Mother Love, with the little cub at play,
But Mother's looking wary in an un-maternal way.
She knows her cub has sharp white teeth that are inclined to nip.
She knows her cub has short sharp claws that are inclined to rip.
Should her offspring overstep the mark she'd give a little growl,
Then, no doubt, she'd bite him until he gave a howl.
Not such a pretty picture, but Nature, itself, decrees
That parents teach their children with methods such as these.
There's an awful lot of poppycock talked about 'the smack',
About how it harms young children somewhere down the track;
How they'll grow up brutalised by that little short, sharp shock,
And go round hitting everyone right around the clock!
I think a slap is natural and speedily forgotten.
(Of course, I don't mean beatings; they're absolutely rotten!)
A little slap, but not too soft, can say more than a shout,
And any toddler quickly learns what life is all about.
Before a child can understand a reasoned argument;
Before you can explain to him exactly what is meant,
A short sharp slap brings discipline, which everybody needs;
A child soon learns that 'consequences' follow doubtful deeds.
And, once the howling's over, then love comes into play;
Lots of kiss-and-cuddles, and then it's time to say
'Though sometimes I get angry with some naughty thing you do
Nothing in the world is going to stop me loving YOU!'
I smacked my two, in days gone by, if they were very naughty,
And now they're gorgeous adults, very well-behaved and (whisper) forty!
What's more they can't remember any discipline at all!
So, parents, don't let naughty toddlers drive you up the wall!


Anonymous said...

Oh, the poor centipede. That would be overwhelming.
Lots of wisdom in the second poem, Rinkly. None of us (at least in my generation) are any worse for a little smack. The tragedy lies in the lack of balance. No discipline vs. child abuse.

Lilibeth said...

Amen for the little smack.