Saturday, December 5, 2009

Zapped Chook

With thanks to The Australian Seniors' Newsletter. This looks like an easy Xmas lunch!


A little Australiana in the title!
You may not find it in a Cookery Book.
But I'm sure you realise I mean a Chicken;
One of Australia's favourite words is 'chook'.
Take an ordinary chicken, but a fresh one,
And wash it very well inside and out.
Pat it dry then find an oven bag to fit it
(Something no kitchen ever is without.)
Throw in a little cornflour for the lining,
Then a packet of onion soup of any kind.
Shake the bag until the oven-bag is powdered
It only takes a second you will find.
Place the oven-ready chicken in the packet.
(Good heavens! Preparations are complete!)
You can even chat to neighbours as you do it!
It's a recipe that's very short and sweet.
Now comes the clever part! It's even easier!
If the chicken's Number 14, let us say,
Number fourteen's in the rest of the instructions!
No need to mess with scales! No need to weigh!
Breast-side up microwave for 14 minutes.
Breast-side down repeat the length of time.
In less than half an hour you'll have a chicken
That's scrumptious and particularly sublime!
And you are quite relaxed and quite unflustered
Because you're left completely off the hook.
A few veggies and you'll serve the perfect dinner!
Thanks to a great zap-happy little chook!

A chook of a different persuasion here:

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