Monday, December 14, 2009

Statue Statistics


Next time you're in some ancient town and a statue looms ahead,
Don't look at the rider, look at the horse instead!
Whether it's king or captain, you can understand his fate
By looking at the horse's legs and the history they state.
If both front legs are in the air, the rider met his end
On the field of battle, on that you can depend.
If one leg only is on the ground the rider died, for sure,
But later, of his dreadful wounds. (Lots of blood and gore!)
If all four hooves are planted right down on the earth instead,
Be sure the rider died at home, quietly, in his bed.
The gentleman we see above was lucky, presumably.
He looks very much like a soldier but one who got off scott-free.

Almost a military man here:

See tomorrow's blog for some interesting Natural Science facts.


Jenn Jilks said...

I love this!

Unknown said...

I didn't know that!

geraldgee said...

That was about the only bit of information I remember from my school days..odd?

George S Batty said...

seen this info before but never remembered it. probably won't this time..maybe if you would post this every few months it might sink in