Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chrissy Crisps


The colours of Christmas are red and green
So these tarts will be sure to enhance the scene.
Not only that but they'll add a bite
To revive your palate on Christmas night.
After all those fruity pies,
A savoury tang will be a surprise.
Tart cases first must be made or bought.
(I'm lazy; I use the commercial sort.)
Chilli jam may prove hard to find,
But Asian shops stock the nicest kind.
Put a dab of jam in each tart-case
Covering almost all the base.
Then take the goats cheese, be generous now,
(It's more tangy than cheese from a cow!)
Slice cherry tomatoes (red to the fore).
Pepper and salt!........ There's a knock at the door!
Be artistic! Add bay-leaf or mint
To add the Christmassy greenery hint.
One important thing to note about these
Is that pastry may soften with added cheese.
So prepare these treats only just before eating
It won't take long; they don't need heating.
Festive! Easy! What could be better
You're bound to receive a Thankyou Letter!
2-3 tbs chilli jam 12 mini tartlet shells 150g soft, herbed goats' cheese
12 cherry tomatoes 12 small basil or mint leaves.
A great success from last year here: