Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Day Out of the Box!


Thursday needed a special entry
For it was a special day.
The weather was warm but breezy,
Perfect in every way.
And Brian and Becca took little Max
Down to the lake with his bike.
We had just the sort of outing
That doting Grandmothers like.
And, when I looked through my photos
I thought of the coming week's memes,
With all their many focal points
And interesting schemes.
I decided to lump them together
In a blogging merry-go-round !
Thursdays with my family
Are my happiest days, I've found.


For Mellow Yellow Monday I snapped this playground toy;
Absolutely wonderful for any girl or boy.
They can chat with a child of their choosing on the other side of the park
And they jump up and down with pleasure when they find they've reached their mark!


For Blue Monday I spied a little blue boat out there on the lake;
It was moving very slowly so I didn't see a wake.
I saw somebody fishing so I hope he got a bite!
Blue boat, blue sky, blue water! What a pretty sight!

For That's My World it's the lake again, this time I've had it 'framed'!
The water's Lake Macquarie, after a Governor named.
It's truly a thing of beauty and a joy forever too.
As you see, in Australia, there's rather a lot of blue!


For Ruby Tuesday I chose this tree (we passed it on our way)
It's the New South Wales own Christmas Bush; blooming on Christmas Day.
I think it's very lovely, with it's slightly pinkish red.
You may have 'holly and ivy'; we have Christmas Bush instead.


So we come to Watery Wednesday, a very easy choice
For the waters of Lake Macquarie make everyone rejoice.
Everyone's fishing madly; fish suppers are in store.
And we actually saw a dolphin swimming close-up to the shore!


Monochrome Weekly Theme came next, a respite from all that blue!
Max calls Brian 'Bum' and so that's, now, what all of us do!
Here's Bum resting under a tree while Max goes on the slides
And climbing-frames and jungle-gyms and other things besides


Motion Thursday calls for movement, so here's Max in a tyre,
Spinning round and round and round and going ever higher.
He has a go at everything that anyone could mention.
Thursday is his day for being centre of our attention.


A magnolia or a gardenia? I'm never really sure,
But both have flowers crisp and white and wonderfully pure.
This one was growing strongly amid leaves of glossy green
Right in the middle of the playground where no flower should have been!


Colour Carnival came to mind when, with camera at the ready,
I saw this little poppet playing 'talkies' with her teddy.
Mauve shirt, pink hat, blue trousers, and an orange-coloured bear!
I doubt if you'd find anything more colourful anywhere!


A shadow for Shadow Shot Sunday. Two dogs who're having a sniff.
The little one's ours! We're hoping they're not going to have a tiff!
But while they're standing 'chatting' and sniffing all around
They make two interesting shadows down there on the ground!


The letter this week is the letter 'U' so how's this for a thought?
This is an 'Umbrella', though it's quite an unusual sort.
It's positioned to keep the sun off the little ones at their play.
For the sun in Australia is pretty fierce almost every summer's day.


Fortunately 'Aqua' has been chosen as the colour for the present time.
Aqua, the colour of water, so useful for this rhyme.
Here's a young lady fishing by waters with a turquoise sheen.
A jetty on Lake Macquarie. A lovely peaceful scene.


Shrieking with joyous laughter she came racing round the bend
Hotly pursued by a likely lad who, seemingly, was her friend.
The very best sort of Tom-Boy, one with a feminine side,
Happy to get untidy on a crazy bicycle ride!


Shadow plus reflection, there at the watery verge.
Shadow or reflection? How utterly they merge!
Max was throwing stones in the water; I looked down to see
Reflections and shadows combining in delicate artistry.

I end with


Sylvia K said...

You do seem to have covered them all!
Great photos!

Enjoy your weekend!


eileeninmd said...

Wonderful photos, Love how you framed the lake.

geraldgee said...

Lovely BB.All with feeling.Its good being a grand parent?

Ralph said...

I was looking for shadows, and many of these photos are perfect for SSS. The doggies, big and small, leave shadows that complement their different shapes nicely. But the Monochrome shadow is a gem! On the bright and hot day, an oasis of shade is what is needed, a shadowy sanctuary when we are hot and parched...

Diane AZ said...

Fun blogging-go-round, I like them all! My faves are the red Christmas bush, the magnolia, doggie shadows and umbrella.

Kim, USA said...

Oh I love them all. Thanks for sharing and happy Sunday!!

My Lifes Journey in Focus

Carolyn Ford said...

wow! What a project to get all the memes in with one post! I love the umbrella! That is definitely the "unusual" type, and eye-catching at the same time. Nice post!

Sally in WA said...

Wow! What a post. This was fun reading and seeing the variety of photos.

Scribbler said...

Wow, what a blog. You must descend from the seed of Robert Burns or William Blake.
My MYM is coming up. It won't be visible until after midnight Greenwich time.

Quilt Works said...

Nice colection of memes - you have them all covered, great job!

... Visit "Fall Waterfall"

Chubskulit Rose said...

All your entries are wonderful!

My Mellow Yellow

Marites said...

Gee wow! You covered all the memes:) Was wondering about the mellow yellow entry and it's good that you explained what was it for :) Have a good week ahead!

EJ said...

beautiful sceneries!

My Mellow Yellow Monday post.

Dianne said...

wow!! it's a festival of photo fun!!

love the B&W, it's flawless

Margaret Gosden said...

A tours de force! This comment is for mellow yellow -
for your unusual talking flower!

SmilingSally said...

Well, Brenda, we have much in common: we're both grandmothers, and we both live in colorful worlds! Happy Blue Monday.

Glo said...

Very creative! Really like the picture of the flower!

Erica (Irene) said...

WoW! You covered everything! You have some great photo's. Thanks for sharing all this.

Have a great day!

Chubskulit Rose said...

My Blue Monday

Mary Bergfeld said...

Wow! Talk about killing two birds with one stone :-) I think you've covered all the bases. Your grandbaby is a doll. Have a great Blue Monday.

Marice said...

awww what an all in one post! you beat mine hahah

u may view mine here

storyteller said...

Wow ... I hardly know where to begin because you've shared so many wonderful images, thoughts, and poems here! Delightful and admirable multi-tasking. I've participated in some but not all of these memes but they're spread out on different blogs this week. Of all your photos, methinks it's the colorful umbrella stands out because it's so unique ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

Helena said...

What a great collection! I never thought of putting all the memes together in one post. :)

Have a great week!

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Great Pics !
Merry christmas !

Cindy said...

Wonderful post! Beautiful photots.

Hootin Anni said...

That tree blooms on Dec. 25th? How awesome is that?!!!

I posted an ornament...a 50+ year old ornament!

My R T is HERE

Arija said...

Goodness gracious, what a list !!!
You've covered it so well
that I can only sit and stare,
there's nothing left to tell.

Joe Todd said...

Great post and I thought I was doing well combing two memes. I was "blue"but now I'm mellow

Jane said...

Great posts RR, thanks for sharing:)

peggy gatto said...

I had a fun colorful time here!!!

Tussy said...

You got full set, covered all. Well done.

You Got a Posty
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Marites said...

that tree looks like it's blazing. Happy RT!

Oman said...

wow. all memes in one single post. great job.

sherri@lavenderfields said...

Wow! You have a busy week! Hope Blue Monday has gone well so far! You are also quite the poet! Take care Sherri : )

MISSY JANE said...

Your post just took my breathe away <3. You pretty did a good job combining everything and it actually sync.

Jenn said...

Love them all but most specially the framed lake. Great job! I can never do it.

Jo said...

Wow, lovely photos and all the memes covered. I loved how you framed the lake. And I agree with Geraldgee: it's so good being a Grand parent.

Ivon said...

I would add that it is a week out of the box with all your weekly posts covered. Thanks for sharing.

mrsnesbitt said...

All covered! With passion!

Tumblewords: said...

I love that umbrella! It looks more than just a little bit useful! A fun post - full of interesting bits!

Unknown said...

What a cool umbrella. And what a great idea to put all your posts together into one big post. Perfect in every way!

Hildred said...

Utterly wonderful post, - and I think the Umbrella is fun, and very beautiful. Congratulations on such a great posting.

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

I agree-utterly wonderful! And, WOW! what a post! Impressed and flabbergasted and in awe.

??? said...

That's quite a post :) I love the shot of the magnolia and of the colourful umbrella.
You asked if Boot was Dutch for boat: yes, it is, but in my case it was German

Roger Owen Green said...

An unusual, maybe even unique way to address ABC Wednesday and the others as well.

Rose said...

Oh, I so enjoyed spending this week with you! Yes, we grandmothers love the time we get to spend with our grandchildren; looks like you had a wonderful time with yours. And it's so nice to see the blue skies and sunny summer days "down under"--the wind is howling and snow is flying here as I write--winter has definitely arrived!

Anonymous said...

I love how you've put all the themes together into one post.


sallie (Fulltime-Life) said...

My goodness -- I am in awe! What a great week you had and what a feat to combine all those memes. I'm lucky if I can add to one or two during any given week. Your pictures are lovely and also the descriptions perfect. Tx for sharing (here from BPOTW)

BPOTW said...

You certainly covered everything at once!! Great photos and verse!