Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sunday Diary

December 13th

This has been an odd week, since it has been unnaturally quiet! Last week was hectic and next week promises to be the same but this week was a welcome hiatus, in which I caught up with Christmas mail and organised my Lucky Dip for Christmas day.The items I buy are only cheap and cheerful, but I like doing it because it adds an element of surprise and I like children to see grownups getting in on the act. Still, wrapping 72 little gifts takes time so I was glad of having some on my hands.

Of course, the bun-fight in Copenhagen was top of World news.Our PM had hoped to go over there with some grandiose scheme but the Opposition put paid to that and I sometimes wonder if democracy really works. Australia is going to be hard hit by sea levels rising, and we already suffer drought, so I think we should be in the forefront of suggestions. Unfortunately, we're not, and we're still exporting coal like mad. Below see an example of the erosion happening already, thankfully nowhere near here.


And here is a map showing how Australia will look in the future! Fossils of sea creatures have been found in the central deserts, showing that this map is retrospective and only what we can expect.

Western Australia will still be pretty big, but where I live, over on the right, looks more like NZ!

Obama's Nobel prize featured, too. Personally, I think it was rather silly, and I think he should have asked for it to be postponed! A lot of the things he promised haven't come to pass and I don't think anything on earth can bring peace to the Middle East! I think he felt embarrassed himself! I loved the quote from someone who said 'He got the prize for NOT being George Bush!'

A very telling cartoon.

Then, of course, there's Tiger! He was over here last month and he was treated like a god! Now he's certainly shown he has feet of clay. I'm always fairly lenient about the morals of the beautiful and the rich, though. I wonder how well I'd stand up to adulation and always meeting sexually attractive people! I think it's human nature really. I've never set much store by male promiscuity ever since I was at sea and saw how the officers behaved with the passengers! Yet their cabins were festooned with family photos and they were dying to get home!

The dream.

So to my week. On MONDAY we had a run-through of the skit we're performing at the Xmas Lunch next week. I'm dubious about it because it concerns the Babe in the Manger and I don't think that subject is right for a skit, even though I'm a non-believer. I certainly didn't write it. But I'm one of the Three Kings! I took the photo below on my way home. The garden looks so much more neat and colourful than this time last year

Front mini-garden.

TUESDAY was a chores day, but we took Becca out to dinner on WEDNESDAY because it was her birthday.

Another birthday shot.

On THURSDAY it was Blake's Prize-Giving. Unfortunately, although he got an excellent report, he didn't win any awards, but he performed well in the school band. Sadly the photos are poor because of the lighting.

See Blake waving a me from the back row.

And ready to toot!

Max needed a break on the equipment.

On SATURDAY Greg and Michelle went Xmas Shopping and Malcolm and I had a lovely time with the boys. We took the dog, Banjo, over the road to the park and they happily threw the ball for him.

Here they are walking home.

Till next week,



Winifred said...

I really enjoyed that posting Brenda. Nice to see what's going on in your life.

I hope our newly installed double glazing goes some way to reducing our carbon emissions never mind our gas bill! There are plenty of great ideas and one of the best is getting electric cars and reducing our dependence on them. I'm not getting a bike though. Much too dangerous and my legs are just not what they were!

Unknown said...

Love the pictures! And you're right--who knows how we would behave in Tigert's shoes? (We'd like to think it would be better, but you can't be sure.)

Margaret Gosden said...

And not a word about that huge iceberg that is floating in your direction? As for the nobel prize award, it was not Obama's fault that he got it! And Woods's indiscretions are proving to be an expensive bit of thoughtlessness - where were his advisers?
Grow up guys!

Jo said...

Hi Brenda, for once I've read your news before it's Sunday here in South Africa. I just LOVED that your grandson waved to you across the hall. Precious. (((Hugs))) Jo