Saturday, December 5, 2009


Not the actual crime.


'He was stabbed at the Office Party'.....that's what the headline said!
The decorations were so jolly, with lots of white and red.
Santa was there (quite authentic) looking playful and benign
And. of course, there was lots of alcohol, spirits, beer and wine.
Make-believe snow was in evidence (or some other powder of white)
And lots of co-workers co-habited, at least, just for the night!
The colour red was predominant, so somebody took a knife,
Added a little more crimson..... ended somebody's life.
All the guests were questioned. Somebody had been missed!
They'd omitted the Little Christchild!
He should have been on the list!
It may seem odd that this is written by an agnostic! But I feel the whole travesty very deeply.

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