Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Therefore I Am.


'I comment, therefore I am'!
That's what I read somewhere.
What, exactly, does it mean?
And is it really fair?
Does it mean if I don't comment
I may cease to exist?
And all the delights of blogging
Will certainly be missed?
I know I love getting comments
So maybe I just write
Hoping to get a readership!
Hoping a fish will bite.
Sometimes that's true I must admit;
I'm throwing out my line
Hoping, if I read their blog
They will start reading mine!
Sometimes I can't be bothered;
The blog just isn't 'me',
So then I just don't comment.
I'm rejected equally.
And sometimes I feel like writing
A fairly long reaction
And I spend a lot of time on it,
Writing with satisfaction.
Some days I can't stand writing
Comments wall to wall,
And I may end up writing nothing
Absolutely nothing at all.
But, for me, the essence of blogging
Isn't commenting as such.
It's the writing that fascinates me.
I love writing so much.
'I write, therefore I am'.
That applies to me.
As for comments, I like them,
But they're not my entity.
'I think therefore I am'
That's the correct quotation.
Since writing and commenting both use thought
That sums up the situation.
'Cogito ergo sum' that's what Descartes wrote
In the seventeenth century.
(Historians please note.)
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DawnTreader said...

Well that deserves a comment. I think it's even more common in the blogworld to think "I GET comments therefore I am". (Do I exist if no one reads me?)

Margaret Gosden said...

This looks like the work of Bansky, the British grafitti artist and the poem is based on an American quote of Barbara Kruger's, "I Shop Therefore I am". Now, Brenda, who is borrowing from the art world!!! I do like the phrase when it can be applied to what one
really does, avoiding the cynical meaning of Kruger's comment. A nice comment about commenting -

Unknown said...

You are just so gifted. I love the way you can put all your thoughts into a poem!

tapirgal said...

I love the graffiti image and the poem!

FranE said...

What a cascade of thoughts. You do have a way with expressing thoughts in the written word.
Love how it goes together.

Jo said...

Beautifully said [written] as always. I also love blogging because I love writing. I also visit and hope to be visited. Thanks for summing it up so well, Brenda.

Claudya Martinez said...

Well done! You definitely think so there is doubt of your being.

Anonymous said...

Am with you 100%, its the joy of scribbling down that keeps me alive here. But posts from you are indeed a joy to read.