Friday, December 11, 2009


One for the children today.


One day, for a change, you see,
My zebra came to school with me!
She sat as quiet as a mouse
Inside our little play-play house.
At lunch she tried to eat my food!
I thought that that was rather rude!
She liked the painting time the best;
She painted better than the rest!
She watched as we all did our dancing
But didn't join in with some prancing!
And she didn't like it very much
When we fed the rabbit in its hutch!
At dress-up time she was a bore;
She simply gazed down at the floor!
At home-time Mum said 'As a rule
A zebra's not much fun in school'.
And I said 'Well, tomorrow, maybe
Zebra can stay home with Baby.'
This little story was in picture-book form and I 'translated' it into verse.

Real life zebras here:

See tomorrow's blog for another slice of Xmas humour.


Lucy Corrander said...

Hope Zebras aren't infantivores.


Unknown said...

That was really cute!

Darlene said...

You may have written it for children, but it speaks to the child in me. I enjoyed it immensely.

--jenna said...

I work in the children's department of our local library. So much fun to read your cheery poem...I could see us reading that to our kids' groups!

Claudya Martinez said...

I didn't even know that zebras were allowed at schools.

I thought it was against the rules.