Saturday, December 26, 2009

Diagonal Delight



Christmastime has come and gone with all the celebration.
 Now's the time for a little boy to enjoy some relaxation.
Gone are the days of dreaming and the wild anticipation.
A cubby-house is quite a simple sort of  re-creation,
But it can be the stage for any sort of situation.
What's the best thing in the world? Why! Imagination!
Another view of the same topic here:

See tomorrow's blog for some summer delights.


Julie said...

This image is filled with the possible, Brenda. The line of shadow, to me, represents the future that this young lad has before him. Does he go for the positive or for the negative? Does he flirt with the darkside? How does he compose his life.

This is my thought processes in the week between two celebrations. Where have I been and where am I going?

He is a lovely looking lad who appears to be enjoying the imagination game very much.

Unknown said...

You continue to amaze me!

Jo said...

Brilliant as always. I pray that little boy's imagination never dies down. Mine hasn't... Blessings and love to you and thanks for your visits to my blog. Thanks for the WONDERFUL rhimes! I try to not miss them. Jo

Kat said...

A virtual world is the best thing..!!! Interesting thought.

Margaret Gosden said...

Great contrasts in this shadow shot! (I am trying to catch up, if somewhat backwards!) His smile is winning.