Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday Diary

December 27th

A very brief diary entry this week, not because life has been full and exciting but because it hasn’t. Not that I’m complaining. I’m in my annual ‘Spring-Cleaning’ mode, except that Spring started in September. This is a New Year clean. I always like to take advantage of the hiatus at this time of the year to tidy cupboards and throw-out unwanted clothes etc, so that I can start the New Year in an organised fashion. I know it wont last beyond March but at least I can start right.

My friend, Margaret, in NY, will be interested to hear that one of my projects is sorting through the old letters she sent me earlier in the year. I started dipping into them, but now I have time to read them at my leisure and to reminisce. I intend to cull them, keeping phrases and paragraphs that I think might be of interest to any genealogist in my family down the track. I’ll add them to my ‘Life Story’ already written for the same purpose.

So…… little to report for the first part of the week, except taking Blake to see ‘Avatar’ (not in 3D, unfortunately…. but I think all the swooping and bang-banging might have been too much for me in that medium anyway.) I thought it was a magnificent piece of work, with a good ‘message’ for once. But I’m glad I haven’t got to sit through it again!

A bit too much of a good thing!

This was  TUESDAY, the day we ‘minded’ Blake because Rebecca had to work and school holidays had begun. The two cousins came  round in the afternoon; here they are admiring one of Blake’s ‘gadgety thingies’. I told Blake he’d get ‘square eyes’ and Harry got quite upset about this, even asking about Blake’s eyes later in the week. I must watch what I say!

The rest of the week involved preparations for Xmas. I packed my 72 Lucky Dip presents and that took-up quite a lot of my time.

XMAS DAY was very pleasant, weather-wise. We’d all dreaded either heat or torrential rain. The rain arrrived in the evening, but it was only slight and brief here and the parts of NSW on which it fell were so dry that it was welcome whatever the season. Brian was on Fire Service night duty so he came home just for Xmas morning (100  miles each way!). He and Rebecca put on a delicious brunch. The gift opening was a delightful riot of course.

Harry unwraps 'something'!

My favourite Xmas picture: Blake uses a new gift to snap Max opening one of his.
Note Max's expression!

After this Greg and family moved off to Michelle’s parents and we called-in there briefly too, just to wish them well. In the evening, after Brian had returned to Sydney, Blake and Rebecca came to me for an evening meal. This was spoilt by my having been given the wrong prawns (the mainstay of Australian festivities). I’d planned neat, old-fashioned prawn cocktails, but the parcel I’d saved in the fridge proved to contain huge prawns that had to be peeled! (This did NOT please Malcolm!) After the meal we enjoyed a game of Blake’s new Monopoly which, of course, is now played with Australian place-names and credit cards. Altogether a very enjoyable day (except for prawn ‘bits’ in the deep freeze!)

On SATURDAY the weather was dull and drizzly and quite cold. But delightfully refreshing. Great rains have fallen across the State and it’s been the first wet Boxing Day for seven years! Greg called round with old friend Nick and his French wife Claire and it was lovely to see them both again. They are visiting Nick’s Australian parents.

The two Australian traditions, the Boxing Day Xmas Test Match (cricket)  and the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race filled the TV on Boxing Day, SUNDAY. As can be seen in the photo, the weather was overcast with heavy showers. Anybody who came to Australia for the sun this Xmas would have been sorely disappointed!

Till next week,