Monday, December 21, 2009

Too Much Information!

Because we live in a Global Village,
News of murder, rape and pillage
Streams into our humdrum  lives
Whenever the daily news arrives!
Be it by TV screen or paper
Every nasty little caper
Of some obscure obscene dictator
Reaches us by 'communicator'!
Hiccups of climate, merely local,
Are joined by a chorus, very vocal,
Of people in far-distant places
Who are enduring far worse cases,
And so we get het-up and nervous
Because of the media that serve us!
Isolated in Australia
We worry about some distant failure!
But, supposing the Industrial Revolution,
The cause of all our disillusion,
Had come to be, but not 'the news'
To put a slant on all our views!
If Gutenberg were still to come
And computers, still unborn, were dumb?
If all of us were isolated,
The Global Village not created?
We wouldn't know about polar ice
And how we all must 'pay the price'!
We wouldn't know glaciers were shrinking!
Sea-level rise wouldn't fill our thinking.
The Gulf Stream, which 'they' often mention
Would be beyond our comprehension!
Today we're threatened by 'what if'
Like lemmings approaching the final cliff.
Will we freeze or will we drown?
Will rising waters consume our town?
'They' keep up a barrage of awful doubt
We can't do anything about.
Just think, without the daily 'news'
Telling us what we're going to lose,
We'd live in our little local area
Much less troubled and unwarier.
We might remark 'This year the weather
Seems more extreme', but altogether
We wouldn't live in doubt and fear
Day by day and year by year.
In a bewildering world like this
Wouldn't some ignorance be bliss?
I love I.T. It's changed my life
But doesn't it add a lot to strife?
Of course we should think about pollution,
And the forests' diminution,
But, as things stand, we're all uptight
About things we simply can't put right!
We're threatened by The Bogey Man
So we don't do things that we really can.
We're overwhelmed by the Planet's fate
And find it too awful to contemplate.
'Eat drink, be merry, tomorrow we die'
'Chicken-Licken! Watch the sky!'

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Mariana Soffer said...

Like the wise mister waters said_
Who needs information
When you're living in constant fear
Just give me confirmation
There's some way out of here
Some way out of here
Who needs information yeah
When you're living on borrowed time
Just give me confirmation
There will be a winner this time

Unknown said...

You are so amazing!