Friday, December 4, 2009

Been There Done That!

Imagination is a boon!
I'll never, never hang-glide!
Even when young, I was a coward.
Now that I am old
I take refuge in fragility.
I let people think
I was once courageous,
And a collector of
I bounce and crackle,
Sounding full of confidence.
But it is all a charade.
I am a mewling, puking kitten,

And yet and yet,
How wonderful it must be
To hang-glide!
The prize for overcoming ones fears
Must be great.
And yet, and yet,
All is not lost,
For I am blessed with imagination.
I know exactly how the world must look,
The wind must blow,
The stays must creak,
The body must sway.
And I am not risking
Life and limb.
I can imagine myself a bird.
Fortunate me!

More flying fears here:

See tomorrow's blog for a speedy cooking idea!


duopastorale said...

Flying high... nice photo!

Unknown said...

I enjoyed reading your poem very much :). Lovely photo. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a nice weekend.

Margaret Gosden said...

Yes, I would rather watch than do it! I don't even want to imagine doing it, preferring both feet on the ground - and so that is how I don't get to travel much! And flying is suppose to be a lot safer than driving. But at least one is in control. That having been said, your sky suitably dominates as it should, and let us hope the intruders landed safely.

Three Rivers, Michigan said...

Oh, it's better from the ground, anyway! I'll sit here and be cowardly, too. :-)
Love the sky, punctuated with hang-gliders.
Three Rivers Daily Photo

Jenn Jilks said...

You are so much fun. I love your posts. Thank you for visiting My Muskoka !

Carol said...

great picture

jabblog said...

H'mmm - ha ha - isn't that how most of us feel?
Better not to dwell on what we might have done . . .
Imagination is so much more rewarding . . . ;-)

Julie said...

I can watch these daredevils off the cliff at STanwell Tops and thnk "better them than moi".

Good image and text for SWF.

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