Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mark's Mum

                  Mark Gertler



She wasn't too pleased about the interruption.
'Can't you see I'm baking'
She said.
'Can't it wait?
You're always the same!
You get a bee in your bonnet
And off you go!
Why must you paint now?
At least let me wash my hands!'
'I have an artistic temperament'
Said Mark.
'My muse is calling me
And I must obey!'
'Stuff and nonsense!'
Said Mother.
'You're just a spoilt brat;
Always were!
As a baby
You were impossible!
And you haven't changed!'
'You always did favour Eloise.
Sit still! Stop fidgeting!'
Mark speaking.
'At least let me take off this scarf!
And change my dress!'
'Too late!
I've started!'
'Don't make my hands look too big!'
'I'll paint them the way they are!
They're not your best feature!'
'These hands, let me tell you,
Have slaved over many a hot stove
For you!
And what thanks do I get!
Just a house full of paintings!
And I don't like any of them!
Why don't you paint flowers?
Flowers are pretty.
I could do with a bit of prettiness
In my life.'
Hurry up!
Or you won't get a meal today!'
'You can get back to your cooking!
It's finished!'
She wasn't too pleased........