Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Tower of Copenhagen

Written before the final communique, so I might be wrong!


In these days of wire and cable,
Clever people round a table,
I recall the Tower of Babel
And its sad demise.
Copenhagen has the feeling,
People talking, double dealing,
Lots of posing, little feeling,
Nonsense from the wise.
The Tower of Babel couldn't last;
They talked too much, they talked too fast,
It ended with them all aghast;
Nothing came of it.
After all the empty chatter,
Will they all just up and scatter,
And does the whole thing really matter?
Not one little bit!

How I listen too it all here:


Unknown said...

You are amazingly creative!

Mariana Soffer said...

I thought about that analogy/metaphor between babel tower and current hypercomunicated times a lot, but never managed to write about it as well as you did. It is exactelly like you say, no body understand each other dough they speak the same language, there is maybe even less communication nowadays, kind of a paradox I think.

Dreamhaven said...

The tower of Babel. Sounds like the United Nations. Happy TT