Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cranberry Bogs



There's something new at every turn,
Something new I'm glad to learn.
I'd never heard of a Cranberry Bog
Until I began to write a Blog!
I know that well-known Cranberry sauce
Eaten with turkey meals of course,
But I never knew how they were grown!
And, maybe, folks, I'm not alone.
Maybe other people aren't aware
That in Massachusets they're common fare.
Planted in bogs that are often dry,
The bushes grow till till they're quite high.
Then, when when harvest time comes round
Farmers flood the surrounding ground.
They wade knee deep into the water
And have a sort of cranberry slaughter!
They knock the fruit off left and right!
As it floats it's a wondrous sight.
Blue water suddenly turns deep red;
Not a bog, but a Cranberry Bog instead!
Then they harvest the fruit ! It's easy, very;
They can capture every berry!
I'm very glad I've got a Blog
For it's taught me about the Cranberry Bog!


A more familiar harvest here:

See tomorrows blogs for two different aspects of Christmas.


Robin said...

Cranberries are such a beautiful color, aren't they?

I remember having to do a case study about a cranberry farm in grad (business) school.

Jenn Jilks said...

I love this! We have a huge Cranberry Festival in Bala, with 2 bogs. It is a blast!


Unknown said...


George S Batty said...

we get the cranberry bog commercials all the time. they are fun commercials

Carolyn Ford said...

That is an amazing sight. I have heard of them but have never seen one "up close and personal." Very nice photo!

Quilt Works said...

Your tag team is back! Great harvesting photos! How did you get so high to take the photos? You have wonderful composition. Did you see my cranberry harvest photos? I have to confess that I like yours better.

Hope you will have a chance to tag visit too!

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