Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Bells

Margaret Preston (1938)

(Australian wildflowers)

A simple card, a simple wish,
To all my blogging friends.
'May you find Peace and Happiness
That never, never ends.'
Brenda Bryant

Last year's greeting here:

See tomorrow's blog for the aftermath.


Bogey said...

Brenda, your Christmas Spirit has shone through with every single poetic post. There is no doubt, that none could compare. By now, Kris Kringle is either on his way, or at the very least, nearby your neighbourhood. Today, I wish you all of the very best of the season and that the Christmas that you portray, continue to keep you young at heart. Merry Christmas to you and all of your family Brenda.

Love and Hugs,

George S Batty said...

Old grizz wished the same for you and your loved ones

Unknown said...


Kat said...

Thanks for the wishes Brenda.

Simple and pealing bells calling for peace and happiness.

Thank you for the joyful looking Australian flowers too :))