Thursday, December 10, 2009



High in a mountain monastery
Three monks sat down to a meal.
It was the Xmas season
And the bells had begun to peal.
This was the sign they'd been wanting,
For when it was Xmas week,
One of them, and only one,
Was given permission to speak.
They had taken a vow of silence
Which they kept for the rest of the year,
But on Xmas Day at the table
One could speak and the others hear.
This year it was Brother Luke's turn;
His voice was rather gruff.....
'I don't know what you others think
But I think this pork is tough.'
A year went by and once again
It was the Xmas season,
Brother Mark looked cheerful
And, of course, he had good reason.
This was his year for speaking!
He said 'Well, listen to me!
I think the pork is tender,
As tender as it could be!'
Another year went flying by
And this time Brother John
Took his turn at speaking.
His chance would soon be gone.
So he took his time about it,
Filling his festive cup.
'I'm sick of all this bickering!
He said  Shut up! Shut-up! Shut-up!'

Another unusual table here:

See tomorrow's blog for a poem for Children.


Scribbler said...

wahahahah!!! That is so funny! Thanks for sharing this rhyme. I love it.

maryt/theteach said...

Very funny, Rinkly! LOL!

Unknown said...

Too funny!

Rose said...

Ha, ha, ha, this is hilarious! Thanks for the smiles:) And if you choose to write a poem about my frozen fennel, Brenda, I would be delighted! If the snow sticks, it might be frosted fennel as well. Right now all I have is a dusting on the dill. Can you tell I love alliteration?:)

Anonymous said...

aren't monks a lot more serious than that?