Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another Chance

The Australian 'Spring Clean' takes place about now, even though Spring started in September. The end of the year really IS the end of the year in OZ so there is a six-week holiday for schools etc and social activities don't start again until February. So the sense of a brand new beginning is palpable.
The line in blue
comes from
New Year's Reality Check
 by Joanna Fuchs
Another year, another chance to start our lives anew,
A chance to straighten-up those things that now are all askew!
Is a drawer higgledy-piggledy? Is a cupboard a disgrace?
Is everything you own in some un-labelled 'other' place?
Is a shelf you labeled 'Urgent' full of items since ignored?
Is the box you saved for 'Photos' where the cotton reels are stored?
The New Year is a beacon, shining  Promise in our faces;
We know in 2010 we'll always stick to labelled places.
'For one brief shining moment' we'll be neat and organised,
But if next March finds us in a mess we shouldn't be surprised!

A good or bad example here:


gautami tripathy said...

Each moment renews us. Hope the new year does that.

a start

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Stan Ski said...

March sounds a bit optimistic...but you never know.

Anonymous said...

ahaha! This is so my life! Great use of the prompts, and thanks for the smile.

A New Year's Resolution: Making It Last

keiths ramblings said...

This sounds all too familiar to me! At least I know where everything is right now - organise it and I'll lose it forever!

Anonymous said...

ahahaha! thanx for the laugh and the reality check!