Thursday, January 7, 2010

In Passing



Motion photography! There's a thought!
I much prefer the other sort.
Objects in their proper places;
Fixed smiles on familiar faces.
Lots of cajoling .'Smile! Please smile!'
A rather prim and proper style.
 Should I ever get a movement
(Not considered an improvement!)
I'd view the shot upon completion
And quickly click the word 'deletion'!
Motion pictures look so clever
But am I capable? No! Never!
But when I aimed at Liz and Mike,
(Two of Malcolm's friends I like)
I didn't notice passers-by;
They simply didn't catch my eye!
What a surprise then, the result!
It almost made my heart exult!
Motion photography from me!
I'm a photographer! Finally!
Clever clicking here:

See tomorrow's blog for a ferry ride.


Margaret Gosden said...

Yes, finally! And it looks good when enlarged, too. Bravo, Brenda!

Ginny Hartzler said...

The people walking in the background do add some mystery and flair to the photo. Makes it not so prim and orderly. I enjoyed your post on ectoplasm. It reminded me of Houdini's promise to his wife that if there was a way, he would come back, hence her visits to amny spiritualists.

Anonymous said...

BRILLIANT!! Thanks for playing, and such a great capture and expression of the theme! Fun things happen when motion occurs!

Unknown said...

That's a pretty neat accident!

Anonymous said...

what a nice surprise to find something unexpected in a photo. i love your motion photo. ;-)