Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year 1946

The woman I yearned to be!

This the first page of my diary for 1946, written 64 years ago!
(In verse, of course!)

NEW YEAR 1946!

(I even wrote an introduction.)

At last the bright New Year has come!
No peal of bells, no roll of drum
Proclaim its coming from afar.
It rises gently like a star.
It blooms so sweetly like a flower
That reigns for one bright glorious hour.
It comes so softly, like a rose
That shields within its folds.......who knows?
January 1st.
Last New Years Day was hectic and I'm very pleased to say
That it wasn't half so hectic as  found my life today.
No sooner had I risen, very late I am afraid
Than Betty came to Alton and our house a visit paid.
Thus it was I went to Farley to enjoy a New Year treat,
For they had, she said, a turkey far too large for them to eat!
Seated round the loaded table were the Bennets, Hilda, me
And the brown-eyed gardener, Burgess, quite a merry crowd you see.
I stayed  there till the evening and I saw that it was late,
So, with Bet's erratic driving we then traveled home in state.
There was Alan in the back seat, Mr Whitehouse, Betty, me.
What an awful squash it was though we arrived in time for tea.
Well, I thought this was the ending of a very happy day
But yet another happening was going to come my way!
It so appears a teacher's son, whose name is Dudley Rice,
Has come to stay at the Robert's and I hoped he would be nice!
So, to help to entertain him we went round, just me and Bet.
 Dudley had no eyes for others when our Betty he had met!
He wasn't all that smashing but the party was a hit.
'Consequences' was so funny that I nearly had a fit!
The best parts of the evening should remain inside my head!
At just 11.30 I went, giggling, to bed.
1. Betty was only fifteen, like me, but she was driving, without lessons or a licence!
2. What fifteen-year-old today would consider 'Consequences' enthralling, or go to bed at 11.30?
3. What a pity I kept 'the best parts' in my head because they've gone completely!

My New Year diary for 1945 here:


Anonymous said...

Charming and witty! And tho' I had to be in bed by 21.00, I usually didn't get to sleep 'til much, much later :)

Do have yourself a grand new year, Brenda and HUGS!

geraldgee said...

I find as I get a trifle older the early "best bits" seem to get back into my head'
A sort of compensation? xx

Unknown said...

Oh I loved that! What a talent you had even at 15! And, I, too, wish you had written the best parts down!

Amy said...

Having just discovered your site, I thank you for your comment on mine and I'll look forward to regularly visiting you in 2010.

You were wise to save your diaries - and it appears your head is just fine!

Happy New Year!

Elisabeth said...

What wonderful witty words. You create such a world, Rinkly, I'm mesmerised.

india flint said...

hilarious, how lovely to still have it.

Angie said...

A very grand New Year to you
you keep me smiling when I'm feeling blue
Twenty-Ten will better be
for all that sweet talk memory.