Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Many a True Word!


"Many a true word spoken in jest."
When was Mankind at his best?
Rising to two legs was a gain
But now we're sinking back again!
Did we swing down from the trees
To merely live a life of ease,
Crouching over a little screen,
In a shape reminiscent of the Pleistocene?
That noble creature, centre-stage
Belongs to a much less 'civilised' age,
But did his sons grow extended thumbs,
Stunting the growth of their craniums,
Gazing, with hypnotised satisfaction,
At a little screen, which breeds inaction?
Oh the curve of that human graph!
If it wasn't so sad it would make us laugh.

Another view of technology here:

See tomorrow's blog for utter rubbish.

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