Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Eyes Have It!


'Doctor! Doctor!' Charlie cried, bursting in without a warning.
I have this dreadful affliction that attacks me every morning.
'I wake up feeling normal, but, as time comes to pass,
I wander into the bathroom and look in the looking glass!
And then this awful sense of dread somehow steals over me!
From then on I'm depressed all day! Whatever can it be?
'There, there' said the doctor.'There's nothing I can do.
You simply have a phobia brought on by a mirror's view.
Why don't you try dark glasses or an all-encompassing hood!
One thing about your problem!
At least your eyesight's good!


Unknown said...


Elisabeth said...

Poor Charlie, 'a phobia for the mirror's view'. It does not augur well for the future.

Patti said...

Neat photo to go with your poetry. I don't care much for the mirror any more!