Thursday, January 21, 2010

Time Line

                               Brenda Bryant



The school-year shuffles to a close.
We strike a very patient pose.
Lining up with serious faces,
Ready, as one, to take our places
Up on the stage with all the others,
To sing a song for the Dad's and Mothers.
A shaft of light and some silhouettes.
Every one of us Teachers' Pets!
This is all very serious stuff.
It will be over soon enough;
I wonder, then, will you remember,
How the school year ended one December,
And Grandma and Max came to see the show?
Will it all seem very long ago?
A comical line here:
See tomorrow's blog for girls in a spin.


Jo said...

Excellent, Brenda. I do so enjoy your poems and your photos are brilliant!

Winifred said...

Amazing how you capture the essence of a photo in just a few lines.