Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ahead of her Time

                                  Pierre Edouard Frere



'I had a dream last night' she said;
'There was something called TV,
And millions and millions of people
Were watching little me!
I was showing them how to make a soup
From cabbage leaves and such.
And people copied my recipe
And liked it very much.
I even published books about
My ...... something called....... cuisine!
And I was paid for advertisements;
Whatever that might mean!
I became a millionaire!
Yes! Just like Royalty!
Just because I was good at cooking soup
Everyone worshiped me!
My picture, moving, was seen by all
On a sort of mirror thing
And all over the big wide world
I was treated like a King!
What do you think of that!' she cried!
Her companions said, subdued,
'Don't waste time on fairy-tales!
Hurry up with the food!'

A different view of cooking here:

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Jo said...

I love the way you said this, Brenda. Two years ago my story was chosen in the finals of a magazine competition. I'd submitted my life story written with a first person POV but with a difference. I was talking to my ten-year-old self while I was my current age at the time (54) The magazine wrote in my bio "Here the author speaks to her young daughter about life" They just didn't get it. So thanks for this wonderful poem. Jo

Anonymous said...

Whimsical! I do like this one, yes :)