Friday, January 1, 2010


First the leap and then the slither!
Soapy bubbles, hither, thither!
Body flung aloft, uncaring,
Full of recklessness and daring.
Eyes squeezed tight, and mouth set grimly,
Knees together, almost primly.
Down he goes to swoop and slide,
Arms stretched out he seems to glide.
Only when he finally lands
At the end and kneels then stands
Does laughter come, a joyous shout.
He's learned what life is all about!

In the same mood here:


Valerie said...

Life's lessons ... beautiful!

I popped in to wish you a Happy New Year. May your personal sun shine brightly throughout the coming months.

Mariana Soffer said...

Great text
left me thinking about life
I thought maybe there is nothing to learn about
things are just things, nothing more to it

Budhism is hitting me

Margaret Gosden said...

A wonderful motion Thursday photo and words to go with it. Forget about the pelicans; clearly you have
motion photos to be proud of!

Unknown said...

Good one! love the picture!

Anonymous said...

So much fun here! ;-)

Happy New Year!