Friday, January 8, 2010


                                                     Gerald Gee

It had been there all along....
That memory.
A memory no photograph could ever
A memory decades-old,
Of a different world,
A different age,
A different climate.
Above all,
A different me.
I have not seen snow
For fifty years.
Remembrances of snow
Have faded.
I had forgotten
The reversal.
Earth is dark,
Sky is light.
But when the snow comes,
And with it the threat of more snow,
'Snow on snow',
Earth becomes light,
Sky becomes dark.
I had forgotten......
Once again I feature the work of Gerald Gee. His cartoons are fun, too.
The first time I 'met' Gerald here:


Mari Meehan said...

Snow. The beauty of the first snowfall of the season. Something I cannot forget. Nor how one can get so weary of it come spring!

Unknown said...

I am already weary of the snow. Just a little over 70 days before the first day of spring!

Winifred said...

Yes it's certainly pretty. Trouble is we're just not good at coping with it. Haven't seen this much for this long in donkeys years. Never mind, it's great excuse for:
Not washing the car
Cleaning the windows,
Not going shopping
Staying in bed a bit longer
Just sitting back and relaxing

For some reason when it's fine weather I feel like I should be doing things. Winter is a good time to just sit back.