Tuesday, January 5, 2010


                                                      Brenda Bryant



These roses faded long ago
Along this country lane
And I know I'll never pass that way
And see that scene again.
But the little lanes of Letheringham
Still linger in my mind,
And the cottages grow dearer still
With each passing year, I find.
We stayed a while in Letheringham
Maybe ten years ago.
The cottages were very old;
 The pace of life was slow.
Life wasn't too convenient;
The 'mod cons' weren't the best;
It was dreary when the rain came down,
And we weren't too impressed.
But, as years have passed, my memories
Have blotted out the rain
And focussed on the timelessness
Of that little English lane.
Old age is a sentimental time.
As many a rhyme discloses
And I often think of Letheringham
And rioting red roses.
Another red rose here:


Unknown said...

You paint such wonderful pictures with your words, and than the words themselves are pictures!

ellen b said...

Beautiful! Happy Ruby and New Year to you!

Ralph said...

This is lovely! We in the USA don't have these cottage styles, where the shrubbery is used to shield the abode from the well travelled and dusty lane just outside. The style is from centuries, but the subtle detailing is great. I almost see the original roof thatch of yore. A wonderful take!

Rose said...

Beautiful poem...and I sure hope people enlarge the picture. It is wonderful.

eden said...

Beautiful place and poem.. thanks for sharing.

Happy Ruby Tuesday

Anonymous said...

At first I thought that was a painting and that you painted it. What a gorgeous picture. So English.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I continue to enjoy your poems so much. What a lovely picture, rather like Thomas Kinkade. Funny what the mind choses to remember and also blot out.