Thursday, January 14, 2010

An Artist in Apricot




I'd heard of Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontaine
And how they acted, many years ago,
But I'd never heard of Claggett Wilson's name
Or how he came to influence each show.
I was searching for an 'apricot' idea
And it seems that Claggett just adored that shade.
For even wartime art from World War One
Was with apricot all overlaid!

A gentle view of the trenches!
After the war he took up stage design
And that is how he met the acting pair,
And we see a poster from that very time
And notice all the apricot that's there!

A theatrical poster for the Lunts.
Alfred and Lynne then asked him to design
Their house, 'The Chimneys', and it's clear
That 'apricot' retained its fascination;
Just look at it in these examples here.

The dining-room (with the Lunts inset.)

And even the piano!
Claggett Wilson's name may not be known
By idle ignoramuses like me,
But it seems his artwork now earns a great deal,
And he's known by all who study history.
But whether we know history or not
We know that Claggett liked his

Fame plus scandal here:


Jo said...

Brenda, I LOVE the shade of apricot and read this mail with great interest. I, too, have never heard of Clagget Wilson but now, through your amazingly informative poem, I DO. I love The Chimneys. Thanks for a delightfully interesting piece of history in the arts.

Carolyn Ford said...

Very interesting story...the apricot color is truly a soft and appealing color. I especially like the apricot glow in the lamp shades of the last photo! Nice informative post.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I love the old posters, but my, what an ornate house!