Thursday, January 14, 2010

High Flier


Who'd have thought a child like me,
Who's only little, only three,
Could jump as high as the tallest tree!
It proves I'm very clever!
To bounce myself so very high!
As high as birds that are flying by!
I'm 'like a diamond in the sky'!
And I will shine for ever!

More childish flying here:


Margaret Gosden said...

Oh, to be a child again, and not seventy something!

Carolyn Ford said...

He's definitely up there in the trees! Adorable little guy!

Amity said...

Well, though he's still young, he knows how to dream big dreams and that of flying high!

You've got so much subject to write about Brenda, that's what I lack, I got lil imagination.

Eden said...

What a good capture of him jumping high! Such a clever little boy..

LA Nickers said...

Love this one! It soars!

Paz said...

Love this photo. Makes me smile. ;-)