Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Diary

January 3rd

Another very uneventful week. Australia almost goes into hibernation in January. It's only in February that the normal activities start up again, and most people view January as a time to get 'sorted'. At least, I do. I've been attacking kitchen cupboards this week, and trying to get the 2010 'Melodrama 'dates sorted out. Nothing exciting, but very satisfying. I'd like to say I was part of the New Year revelry, but that would not be the case. Friends we normally visit every New Year decided to have a New Year At-Home Day instead, so we merely minded Rebecca's dog, while her family went to a firework display, and  I went to bed at the normal time! I'm definitely getting old! A Happy new Year to all, anyway.

I believe it was spectacular.

The week leading up to the New Year was quiet, although I spent quite a lot of time with the boys and that's always a pleasure (definitely not 'quiet' though.) We had a lot of rain during that week so there were quite a few indoor pursuits. Some time was spent playing with Xmas-present games.

Max tried-out his new scooter.

Greg's boys are very lively!

New Years Day was our only 'party' day this week. We called in at Vera and Angus's Open House and had a very pleasant time.

Vera is a great Hostess

Here she is with two of her guests, Mavis and Dorothy.

Till next week,


Unknown said...

The fireworks looked pretty. I stayed home, too. I haven't been out on New Year's Even in years.

Patty said...

Happy New Year to you and your family. Cold here in Ohio this week-end.

Anonymous said...

We went to edgecliff to see the fireworks this year. Being so far the city was actually good since we ended up having more fun talking to the people there and just having fun instead of being squished by a million people at circular quay. :)

Happy New Year!!! I'm headed back to India in march but I LOVED my time in Sydney. Its a beautiful city. :)

Jim said...

It was fantastic.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Elisabeth said...

As a fellow Australian, I love this quiet time of year. I call it my spring clean in summer. It's wonderful to have the space to get on with it and after wards to feel so virtuous for a job well done, one that I've put off all year.

Barbara said...

I agree looking at your profile that our lives have had similarities.

Interesting to see that even in the hot month of January in Australia that thoughts turn to sorting and clearing etc just like here in the coldest of months.