Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Modern Communications!




A baby born in America;
A Great-Grandpa from the UK,
Who's on vacation in Australia!
Introduced the modern way!
An email crosses the distance!
A click makes the precious link!
A twenty-ten relationship!
Gorgeous, don't you think?

My old friend, Rob, is staying with us. He has just received this photo of his fourth 

An unusual baby here:


Tina said...

Such a cutie!

Jo said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Brenda. We're awaiting our second grandson and fourth grandchild in South Africa. this coming Saturday. My son will have his laptop nearby and Skype us (way up in North Africa) the baby's first (well, maybe second or third) cry. What wonders modern technology. Thanks for reminding me to be thankful!

Indonesian Potency said...

good information for me.thanks

Carolyn Ford said...

Ohhhh...how sweet and tiny in that carrier. What a precious sight and hurray for email these days!

Quilt Works said...

This rates very high on the cuteness scale :-) Looks like one of Ann Gedes baby pictures. really! welld one, my friend! excellent!