Monday, January 25, 2010

Men In Suits

The Council of the Royal Academy
Selecting Pictures for the Exhibition
By Sir Francis Grant
19th century



A mouthful of a title.
But simply a picture
Of men
Choosing pictures!
Not a woman in sight!

It seemed normal
At the time.
After all,
What would a woman know about
What would a woman know about
The important things in life?
In any case,
She would be too busy.
A child in the womb,
A child in her arms,
A child at her skirts,
Two or three playing on the floor.
Of course,
There were always Nannies.
But they had to be supervised,
Along with
The Cook,
The Parlour-maid,
And the little 'Tweeny'.
"That is quite enough responsibility
For a Little Woman.
But Art?
Surely you jest!
Only we are able to discern the difference
Good Art
And Bad!
Because we wear suits."

More feminist ranting here:


Jinksy said...

Let's here it for the ladies - at least their birthday suits have always been in fashion! LOL :)

geraldgee said...

I've entered forthe Royal Academy but never accepted,I think by then there were women on the selection committee but clearly not enough.