Saturday, January 2, 2010




A sandwich can be ho-hum and not worth thinking of,
But Bardinas are the sandwiches you're very sure to love!
The ingredients may shock you, but  we know you'll love the taste
And not one single little crumb will ever go to waste.
Fry sardines (yes, fry them) with oysters and with bacon.
The aroma will be captivating if I'm not mistaken!
Add the peas and garlic until they're heated through.
You're nearly there! There's really not a great deal more to do!
Take two slices of toasted bread; spread one with cheese and sauce.
Top it with sardine mixture, then the other toast, of course.
Eat it very quickly before it's snatched away!
This will be a recipe you'll use another day!
3 rashers chopped bacon. 1/2 can peas. Tin sardines in tomato sauce. Tin smoked oysters.
Minced garlic to taste. Toast.  Grated cheddar cheese. Favourite tangy sauce.


Oysters feature in this joke here:

See tomorrow's blog for a little nonsense.


Ginny Hartzler said...

Hello Brenda! This is Ginny from let your light shine. I just saw your comment on my blog-welcome!! How did you find me? I have been looking through your posts and they are interesting and delightful. I especially like the little wrinkle poem and the draught picture. In reading your profile, I see you've really been around and have led an exciting life! We have many of the same interests. I used to write portry, but I wondered about atheism. Are you an atheist or are you just interested in atheism? I'm writing a post for tomorrow on atheists at Christmas. So it's certainly a very interesting coincidence that you just commented on my blog!

Elisabeth said...

This sounds wonderful. Fried sardines amazing. I may give it a try. Thankyou.