Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why Not?


A frill-necked lizard is quite cute,
But it's rarely seen in a Santa suit!
While little pups and little kittens
Decorate cards wearing fleecy mittens,
Santa hats and snow regalia
Not really suited to Australia!
Rabbits, even pigs are seen
Embellishing the Xmas scene.
But other creatures are deemed too lowly
To take part in something sweet and holy.
How about snakes? Is it too hard
To put one on your Xmas card?
Scorpions never take a part
In all the pretty Xmas art!
Jelly-fish too are quite ignored
On the Xmas card drawing-board!
To put things right please see above
A creature that you may not love.
I must say I grew quite excited
When this frill-neck's hat was sighted.
Give me, any day, a frill-necked lizard
(Preferable to a turkey gizzard!)


A Xmas Skit

(Santa enters alone)
Ho Ho Ho, I'm good old Santa.
Full of jollity and banter!
See my stomach, round and fat?
Well, my sack's as full as that!
(Merry Xmas enters and stands by Santa.)
And I'm his side-kick, little Merry,
Brighter than a holly berry!
I see Santa's clothed and fed
And I keep him nice and warm in bed!
'But where are the reindeer?' I hear you ask!
They have such an important task.
They need to be agile, smart and frisky.
Not too affected by the whiskey!
Sing them a song to coax them in.
Let the reindeer fun begin!
Everyone knows the Rudolph song.
Sing out loud! You can't go wrong!
(The audience sings one chorus of 'Rudolph' while the reindeer are still hidden.)
You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen,
Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen.
You must agree that it's a pity
That they resemble your committee!
(Each reindeer enters in turn, performing to order. They end up all in line.)
Dasher I'm Dasher because I'm always dashing.
Dancer I'm Dancer because my dancing's smashing.
Prancer I'm Prancer. I'm so good at prancing!
Vixen I may be a Vixen, but I'm entrancing
Comet I'm Comet! See my tail ablaze!
Cupid I'm little Cupid with loving ways.
Donner Donner means Thunder, I roar and crash!
Blitzen And Blitzen is Lightning! See me flash.
Come on, Reindeer! Let's get going!
It's nearly Xmas! It's started snowing!
(The reindeer dig in their heels and wont budge.)
Reindeer in Unison
How will we manage, do you suppose,
Without dear Rudolph and his nose?
Rudolph (off stage)
My nose! My nose! It wont turn red!
It's a sort of pinkish-white instead!
How can I lead the reindeer team
Without my usual scarlet beam?
Someone. quickly, give him a drink!
That'll change his nose to red from pink!
(Rudolph enters, to be given a quick drink by a member of the audience. Miraculously he can now attach his nose and take his place at the head of the team. The reindeer now circle the room, with Santa and Merry taking up the rear, as the audience sings 'Rudolph' once again).


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Anonymous said...

My husband is delighted with your poems. I read them out to him and he took over reading too. JUST FABULOUS!
Happy Christmas and enjoy my Christmas haiku by return :O)

EG CameraGirl said...

I would indeed be quite surprised to see a lizard on a Christmas card! And that's a pleasant way to turn Rudolph's nose from pink to red...but will he be able fly straight? :)

eyeography said...

Oh! What a wonderful post..
The first poem is so cute...
With all the lizards, reptiles and fishes..Christmas is being celebrated...
Nice :)

This one is my latest post..

Hope you have time to read's a long one :D