Monday, December 20, 2010

A Wordle Hurdle!

How to write a poem using all the words above!

Dad kept an engine in the basement
Checking its performance every day.
He'd vanish down the stairs
To clean or do repairs,
He'd immerse himself in revs in every way.
I was not allowed in the basement;
My engineering know-how was too slight;
I didn't know the ropes,
Or how a mechanic copes.
In a hoarse voice Dad would tell me 'Not tonight!'
It isn't that I meant to be disloyal;
I knew that retribution would be swift
But when I squeezed in through the door
The engine toppled on the floor!
I left it there! It was too big to lift!


Imagine a pebble, one solid rock,
But enormous and gaunt and bare.
Imagine the wonderment that we feel
When we see it lying there!
In the morning sun and the evening glow
This 'pebble' shines brilliant red,
As the sky of central Australia
Burns bright blue overhead.
No wonder the tourists stand wide-eyed
At the vision that they see!
No wonder that some of them foolishly think
'I'll take a bit home with me!'
They chip off a piece and stow it away
Though they know, in their heart of hearts,
That legend forbids desecration!
And that's when the trouble starts!
For Uluru is sacred
To the tribes that live in that place
And climbing the Rock or stealing
Can bring about disgrace.
And, certainly, many tourists
Have felt the weight of the curse,
Suffering loss or illness
Or some things even worse.
And parcels are often arriving
From travellers feeling remorse
Returning the stolen pieces
To negate the powerful force.
And many's the uncanny story
Written-up in the local press,
Of tourists who've been afflicted
With pain and unappiness
All because they have flouted
The rules of this powerful place
And ignored the pleas of the Owners,
A proud and ancient race.
Who knows whether curses have power,
Who knows what is false and true,
But you're well-advised to play safe my friends
When you visit Uluru!


Anonymous said...

fabulous usage of words.

eyeography said...

really good use of the words in the first poem..
The second poem is awesome..
I love it :)

Tumblewords: said...

A duo to draw to. Each one a super read!