Friday, December 17, 2010

The Eye


Not chosen for its great design, though that 'eye'  is quite un-nerving!
But for its place in history, which it, clearly, is deserving.
Remember when that future date struck terror to the soul?
Remember when Big Brother played that most decisive  role?
Through all the years preceding that, now, immortal date,
A lot of people felt the book envisaged their future fate.
It had a quite ridiculous Doomsday feel about it.
We were doomed to be spied-on; nobody could doubt it.
But as soon as the year was over, the fatal date just faded
And, if we considered it at all, I think we felt quite jaded.
Now, twenty-six years later, Big Brother seems to loom,
And, throughout society, it seems, there's a nasty taste of doom.
George Orwell was a visionary, with a great imagination.
Was he, maybe, foretelling our future situation?


I pass this garden in the car almost every day
And every time I wish that I could while the time away.
The lawn is quite immaculate with never a weed in sight;
The shrubs are varied in colour and graded as to height.
Seasonal flowers grow freely, whatever the time of year,
But they always blend with the bushes that 'chance' to be standing near.
I show you just a fraction; the rest is like a park;
In every little corner, the gardener's made her mark.
I took friend Joan to see her; she has green fingers too
And she wished to ask some questions. Well, gardeners often do.
I thought this scene of ladies sharing their gardening lore
Was absolutely charming, so, camera to the fore,
I snapped this little moment, this sweet idyllic scene,
Wishing very heartily that my poor thumbs were GREEN!


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