Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Golden Fleece



Nothing was further from my thoughts
Than Jason and his Argonauts
But, suddenly, without a lot of warning,
Their story sprang into my mind!
I saw these clouds with the sun behind
When I woke up in bed the other morning.
Surely that was the Golden Fleece
From the magical Ram of Ancient Greece!
I knew that I must set-out on a quest.
And so I lay there and began
To make an Argonaut's master-plan;
I felt that it would be life's greatest test.
But organising ships and stores
To journey to far-distant shores
Was harder than just going on a cruise!
So, though the day'd already dawned,
I blinked a little bit and yawned
And closed my eyes and had another snooze.


Goodness me! There's Father!
Whatever will he say,
When he sees us being shameless,
Acting in this way?
Mother's more broadminded.
She made these swimming things.
But even she might blush a bit
If she saw how the fabric clings!
It was pleasant in the water
Though it was a new sensation!
I felt the way Eve must have felt
At the dawning of creation!
My limbs felt free and blissful,
Not corseted and confined;
I felt all curved and feminine
And delightfully designed!
The seaweed clung around my thighs!
It felt like utter bliss!
But now we have to face Papa!
And admit we've been remiss!
We've come out of the water,
Our figures are revealed!
Whatever will dear Father say
When nothing is concealed?
Maybe he hasn't seen us!
I'll give a little wave.
Maybe we'll get away with it
And just have a close shave.
Keep close to me, Lucinda!
We have to hold our nerve.
Bend over, dear, and crouch a bit:
That'll help disguise each curve.
I'm glad Mama made little caps
To cover up our hair!
And our gauzy little trousers
Stop our legs from looking bare.
But nothing can disguise the fact
That our bosoms are on show!
Let's head for the bathing-hut, dear,
Come on now, don't be slow!
Too late! I think he's seen us!
He's coming over, too!
This is our fatal moment!
There's nothing we can do!
But I have to say there's one thing
I just don't understand.
Why is father walking on the beach
With a spy-glass in his hand?


Margaret Gosden said...

That is a lovely sky watch and I like the verse that goes with it! What a pity Mr. Linkey disappeared!

Alice Audrey said...

You must not have snoozed too much, because you captured the fleece on film. Well, digital film anyway. Great shot.