Thursday, December 16, 2010




When I dabble in poetry,
Dip my toe in that thrilling sea,
The pickings are often very lean,
Verbal garbage..... know what I mean?
Sometimes utter trash appears,
Result of all my sweat and tears.
But, sometimes, there's a golden phrase
Which never ceases to amaze!
I fall on it with joyful cries!
(I doubt if this effort qualifies!)


The family sat down to eat;
The Minister was a guest.
Mother had baked a special meal;
The crockery was her best.
Tom was minding his manners
As he'd been told to do;
The conversation was polite
Though boring, that is true.
The Minister was rambling on
About this thing and that;
You couldn't really say
It was a very thrilling chat.
But suddenly Tom looked puzzled
And paused with his knife and fork.
'Mum' he said 'This meat is nice
But it tastes to me like pork!'
'It is pork, dear' said Mother,
Smiling and being charming,
Not expecting the bombshell
Would be quite so alarming.
'But I heard you talking to Dad' said Tom......
And he stopped the meal mid-munch.
'I heard you say 'I suppose it's time
We had the old goat for lunch.'

1 comment:

Margaret said...

Very clever, your 3 word challenge - but I have a feeling my family will really laugh at the old goat poem.