Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spot the Shop!



I spotted this shop (forgive the pun)
When I was in town one day.
I thought it looked so cheerful
In a happy, childish way.
The other shops that were in the street
Looked drab in the extreme,
While this spotted shop had a sort of charm
With its polka-dotted theme.
I was hoping to pass it another day,
But that was not to be.
The Sydney City Fathers
Decided we should not see
That jolly, extrovert shop-front!
They had to clean-up their act!
At times like these Town Councils
All deserve to be sacked!

(For the Children. It originally had a tune.)

A zebra went out walking and on the road, by chance,
He met his friend Zucchini and he asked her for a dance.
They danced the Zigzag polka from side to side to side,
And they laughed so much they both fell down and cried.
The zebra looked so handsome with zinc upon his nose,
And Zucchini was a lady who was not inclined to doze.
With zest and zeal they hopped around enjoying all the fun
Until they were so dizzy that their zips all came undone!
So, we'll dance the Zigzag polka, we'll dance it while we may.
We'll dance to the Zigzag music till we're crazy!
We'll dance the Zigzag polka, dance it night and day!
But we can't do the Zigzag polka if we're lazy!


1 comment:

Jama said...

What a waste of not being able to see such colorful store front shop! it sure is an eye catching, and make the shop looks interesting and inviting.