Monday, December 27, 2010

Here We Go Again!


The words in blue are from Helen Hunt-Jackson's poem 'New Year's Morning'


Only a night from old to new!
Now we begin again!
One sleep and the subtle magic
Of 'eleven' replacing 'ten'.
It was always so momentous...
New Year when I was young!
 I still recall the frisson
When Auld Lang Syne was sung.
It all felt so historic!
I was living in stirring times!
The year departing enthralled me....
Its triumphs and its crimes.
New Year was something special.
I felt myself reborn;
The whole wide world, along with me,
Transformed by a new dawn.
But I have found, in a lengthy life,
That the old year and the new
Will resemble each other, inasmuch
As we'll all just 'muddle through'.
No doubt there will be achievements;
No doubt there will be much pain;
The weather, politics and wars....
All just 'here we go again!'
New Year Resolutions
Will be broken as soon as made,
We'll stagger on, still imperfect,
As memories of last year fade.
So I just choose to celebrate
Those moments of happiness
Which I know will enrich this New Year
Amid all the muddle and mess!
I hope it wont be hell on earth
And it certainly wont be heaven!
We'll muddle through to twenty-twelve!
Hallo twenty-eleven!

Written when  was fourteen years old!
This-morning rose 11 a.m.,
'Tis late I must agree,
But owing to the fact I saw 
The New Year in, you see.
The day  was fine;
I rushed next-doors
(That's when I'd brushed my hair)
And helped to make mince-pies, tarts, cakes
And trifles creamy fair.
The evening dawned;
I dressed with speed,
Washed arms and legs and face;
I wore my pink frock; round the neck
Are daisies made of lace.
At party had a lovely time;
Some records played by Frank.
The twelve of us, nine girls, three boys,
Year's health in lemon drank.
B.M. not there! We played some games;
It all went with a swing.
We all went home at 12 o'clock
After we'd had a sing.


George S Batty said...

as always, your words are excellent but this post tells your secret. You have been practicing for several years. If I live to be about 110 I may get close to you, but I doubt it.

Flying Monkey said...

I really enjoyed both poems. Happy New Year!

m.lloyd hedel said...

"I just choose to celebrate.." - words to live by
Happy New Year