Friday, December 10, 2010

Messing About in Boats


The lovely canals of England
Are splendid waterways,
They criss-cross the verdant country
Like a veritable maze.
And it's here Rob spends his summers,
Be there rain or be there shine,
Watching the world chug-chugging past
And drinking summer wine.
But now the summer's ended
And I'm sure he sheds a tear;
He'll have to live in a normal house
Until Spring comes next year.



1. Name five sports beginning with 'B'

2. The name of a colour that comes before SEA.

3.Superman's girlfriend; what was her name?

4.It rhymes with 'crafts'; what is the game?

5.They speak English in Canada; is that all?

6.What game is played with an oval ball?

7.Name a flightless bird; it begins with 'P'.

8.What Royal Person slept on a pea?

9.Name a continent starting with 'A'.

10.Name a very stormy Bay.

11.Jack's second name was rather fruity!

12. It's not a shoe so what else is 'booty'?

13.Which little insect chomps on wood?

14. Does 'recalcitrant' mean 'good'?

15. They start with 'B'; and they are dancers.

The computer gobbled up the answers!


Vibhuti Bhandarkar said...

LOL, I found myself actually taking the quiz. I can Imagine Brenda you must have made such a lovely teacher. The visual to the forst poem had me visualising you instead of Julie Andrews in 'Sound of Music'. Why? now dont begin to quiz me again..
Love your poetry.
Thanks for sharing,
An ardent fan,
Vibhuti B

Margaret Gosden said...

That's a lovely boat to mess about in! Can one really do that now in the UK, I wonder. How idea! This is a poetic activity with which I can identify!

Linnea said...

Poor least he has something to look forward summer and the boat! Thanks for stopping by!